Szarvaskő – Geological Nature Trail


From the starting information board located in the centre of the village of Szarvaskő, the northern wing of the nature trail leads to the Vár Crag and subsequently to a pike of the Tardos Crag called Akasztó (back and forth: 2.4 km). Stations No. 6, 7, 8 and 9 give an introduction to the typical rock exposures of the gorge valley of the Eger Stream (schist, diabase, deep-sea pillow lava) whereas station No. 10 draws attention to the panorama seen from the Castle of Szarvaskő built in the 13th century. The information board of station No. 11 demonstrates the living world of the siliceous grasslands of the Akasztó Hill. The ring-road designated to the south of the village (6.4 km) goes through the Mocene crag outcrop of the Hegyes-kő lane, the Denevér Adit (wehrlite body) and the Quarry of Tó-bérc. The information board of this latter geological exhibition site presents the diallage rock intrusion intruded into the deep-sea sedimentary complex formed during the Mid-Jurassic about 166 million years ago.

Length: 7.67 km
Timespan: 1:36:53
Difficulty:  7
Surface quality: Other: 100% (7.67 km)
Total ascending: 672 m
Total descending: 826 m