Shark teeth


The reworked shoreline sandstone layers of the 23 Ma old sea sediments bear a very rich marine fauna. The so called ’shark tooth-bearing beds’ contain- beside of shark teeth – a mixture of bones from rays, dolphins, manatees and crocodilians.

The shark teeth attracted the attention of the locals, they imaginatively called them petrified bird tongs and sold them in necklaces to the petrified tourists, who came to visit the wonders of nature in the first half of the last century.

After the 1903 description of Koch, the ’Ipolytarnóc shark tooth-bearing bed’ became the characteristic, marker bed of the Eggenburgian stage of the Lower Miocene in the Central Paratethys.

The fauna described more than 100 years ago was revised recently and completed with new finds. The result shows a very diverse Lower Miocene shark community that includes 19 genera with 16 certain species.