Szomolya – Beehive Rock Nature Trail


This nature trails, exhibiting the natural and cultural historical values of the Beehive Rocks of Szomolya Nature Conservation Area with an area of 30.9 hectares and under protection since 1960, leads from the centre of Szomolya to a western direction. On the western slope of the Vén (Old) Hill, in the Kaptár (Beehive) Valley, the range of rhyolite tuff divided into 8 major chambered rocks and rock cones being the assemblage of beehive rocks n Hungary with the highest number of niches (117). A number of theories have been created in connection with the function and age of the niches as well as the features of the carvers and users of the niches. The area’s original vegetation included Turkey oak-sessile oak woods and Tartar maple-white oak-woods associations.

Length: 1.6 km
Surface quality: Other: 5% (80.2 m); Dirt: 40% (641.6 m); Gavel: 25% (401 m); Rocky: 20% (320.8 m); Asphalt: 10% (160.4 m)
Total ascending: 25 m
Total descending: 70 m