Felsőtárkány – Vár Hill Nature Trail


Felsőtárkány – Vár Hill Nature Trail

This nature trail takes visitors from the Nyugati kapu Educational and Visitor Centre of the Bükk National Park Directorate up to the ridge of the Vár (Castle) Hill. The total length of this nature trail from the beginning of the Kő-köz is 10 km, which requires 4-5 hours of walking. During this route one can learn about various geological formations (dolomite quarry, radiolarite rocks), the living world of sub-mountainous beech-woods, acidophile

Oak-woods and lime slope forests as well as a fortress of the late Bronze Age, an earth motte of the Kyjatice culture.

Length: 10.79 km
Timespan: 3:40:00
Surface quality: Other: 50% (5.4 km); Dirt: 33% (3.56 km); Gavel: 2% (215.88 m); Rocky: 15% (1.62 km); Asphalt: 1% (107.94 m)
Total ascending: 959 m
Total descending: 831 m