One of the most interesting natural sights of Bér village and Nógrád county is Nagy Hill, which is built of volcanic andesite columns. This special geological value was created following a volcanic eruption 8-10 million years ago. At the top of the hill we find the area called andesite slide, which is formed by a slide-shaped wall of 5-6 angle andesite blocks 8-10 meters long, 30-40 cm in diameter. Such bent andesite columns are also a rarity worldwide, as we know of only four such places in the world besides Bér - the most famous is the Devils Tower in the United States. Not far from the slides lies a sea of andesite stone, the stones of which detached from the larger rocks under the influence of natural forces and stopped in the tree-free area of the mountain. In 2014, at the foot of the andesite rock spill, next to the geological study trail, a stone exhibition was made, featuring 12 rocks from the area. With the help of the information boards placed here we can learn about the geological history of the area.
The 402-meter-high Nagy Hill has been declared a nature reserve and is now part of the Bükk National Park. The mountain is interesting not only for its famous andesite columns and stone sea: its flora and fauna are also significant.