- directly from the hive

2 is a family business with more than 30 years of experience in beekeeping. Its main goal is to produce quality products made from natural raw materials.

The business works with 100-150 bee colonies.
The permanent site of the apiary is Márkháza, located in the Novohrad-Nógrád Geopark, 15 km from Salgótarján.
It is extremely important for the business to put value and experience in the hands of customers at the same time. And beyond satisfied customers, it’s even more important to get real fans.
The honey produced by the team is completely free of residues and free of all kinds of foreign or domestic mixed honeys.
Packaging and packaging is a family business. After spinning, the honey is immediately transferred to the packaging barrel after a coarse and a fine filtration, from where it is filled into jars by hand.
The care of the bee colonies, the extraction of honey, the design of the brand image and the delivery of the final product are also ensured by the company. From the first flowering and through the honey production to the serving of the family tables, ensures that the best possible quality product comes out of our hands.

Lighter brown, succulent in taste, crystallizing relatively quickly. It has a good bactericidal and antiseptic effect and is also recommended for the external treatment of sore throats and abrasions. It has a calming and antispasmodic effect.


honeyIt is excellent for relieving coughs, gastric acid overload, diabetes and general disinfection of the body. It has a regenerating effect on the liver. Due to its high fructose content, it stays liquid for a long time. Its color is pale yellow with a slight greenish tinge. The taste is not dominant at all.

He was awarded SILVER honey at the National Hungarian Honey Competition.