Medves - Duniva Hora


This geosite is open for the public.

History and value

Punching stone (phreatomagmatic cone): To the north of the Medves cinder cone, on the Medves lava cover is the younger volcanic hill of Dobogó Rock, which rises only slightly above the surrounding plateau. The inside of the volcanic structure is revealed by a quarry opened here. At the bottom of the row of layers are the products of phreatic eruptions, chipped sandstone and rhyodacite tufts up to 1 meter in diameter. Among them are pieces of black glassy basalt. Further, in the northwestern part of the mine are phreatomagmatic sediments with lapilli, bombs and lava formations. The southeastern part of the mine reveals the highest part of the volcanic sequence with clustered bombs and slag. These are crossed by a basalt vein with a radiometric age of 1.32 ± 0.1 million years (Konečný et al. 1995).The younger part of the Medves lava blanket probably came from the Dobogó Rock volcano.

There is only one off-road that leads to the mine.Degree of protection: 2, Landscape Protection Area of Cseres Mountains.