Pappenheim Cave

Kérjük görgess

Kérjük görgessen

Geosite. Open for the public.

In the north-western part of Buják, at the foot of the Őr Hill, close to the Bujáki stream, in a residential area, in an uncultivated sandstone quarry, at an altitude of 188 meters above sea level, there is a natural, oval-shaped, eight meters wide, 3.7 meters high, south-west facing and horizontal axial entrance. In the Middle Miocene sandstone and conglomerate, due to stratification, the cave was formed by rupture, collapse, fragmentation, and weathering. A simple, single-storey cave with an elliptical cross-section. The typical gauge type is the ellipse gauge type. Layer surfaces and fossils can be observed in it. The fossils are represented by the fossil plants that occur in a layer of sandstone with a piece of wood. In some places, the ceiling is formed by the plane of plywood. The rock contains large amounts of clearly visible plant remains. Andesite also emerges in the cave. At the end of the cave is a huge stone bench. Loose and porous rock is still swirling, weathering, resulting in sand and dust covering the substrate thickly.


​Willkommen zu unserem Kulturweit-Blog

​Willkommen zu unserem Kulturweit-Blog

08/23/2022 4:04 PM

Dies ist ein Blog von den Kulturweit-Freiwilligen über unseren Aufenthalt im Direktorat des Bükk Nationalpark Direktorat in Eger. Hier werden wir unsere Erfahrungen und besondere Erlebnisse posten, um diese mit mehr Menschen teilen zu können. Es handelt sich um einen Natur Freiwilligendienst, von der deutschen UNESCO Kommission. Dieser wird vom Auswärtigen Amt gefördert und soll jungen Menschen ihre globale Verantwortung sichtbar und erfahrbar machen. Je nach Einsatzland und Einsatzstelle übernehmen Freiwillige Vielfältige Aufgaben und setzen eigene Projekte um. Auf der Website von kulturweit können Sie mehr über die verschiedenen Programme und die Organisation erfahren.

Welcome to our Kulturweit blog

This is a blog from the Kulturweit volunteers about our stay at the Bükk National Park Directorate in Eger. Here we will post our experiences and special moments to be able to share them with more people. We are part of a nature voluntary service, from the German UNESCO Commission. It is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and aims to give young people a better perception and sense of their global responsibility. Depending on the country and placement, volunteers take on a variety of tasks and implement their own projects. You can find out more about the various programmes and the organisation on the kulturweit website.


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