Szilvás-kő Geological Nature Trail


Salgótarján – Szilvás-kő Geological Nature Trail

Right south of the Medves Plateau, the basalt mass of the Szilvás-kő is located extending as a ridge with a length of nearly 1.3 km. On the hill, a wide range of landforms characteristic for basaltic rocks can be observed. Its specific landforms are represented by the deep fissures resultant from mining. The nature educational trail is also supplemented by exhibition boards on forestry by the Ipoly Erdő Close Corporation.

Length: 2.16 km
Timespan: 2:00:00
Surface quality: Dirt: 10% (215.6 m); Gavel: 50% (1.08 km); Rocky: 40% (862.4 m)
Total ascending: 163 m
Total descending: 257 m