Mihály's Nagy Herbs Company

Nagy Mihály Gógynövény Kft
Nagy Mihály Gógynövény Kft

The company collects, cultivates and primary processes (drying, cutting, crushing, sifting) herbs (mainly nettles). It produces 200 tons of dried herbs annually. A family business that has been dealing with herbs since the mid-1970s, the 3rd generation is now carrying on the tradition of family herbal processing.

In addition to the collection of wild herbs, cultivation also plays an increasing role in the life of the company, one form of which is cultivation. The company strives to contact as many farmers as possible, within the framework of which it provides the technology, the seed, the continuous, professional inspection and, last but not least, the purchase guarantee.
The company procures 70% of its raw materials from wild herbs, mostly fresh. The incoming fresh goods are dried partly by natural means and mostly by artificial means. The drying capacity is 10,000 kg of raw goods / day. In the season approx. The company employs 5-600 collectors, and since 2000 they have been marketing their wild products with Bio certification.
Although the headquarters of the company are located in Balassagyarmat, it is collected in the vicinity of Cserhátsurány, nettle, swallow's grass, swallow's grass, yarrow and horse chestnut.

The processing plant itself is located in Cserhátsurány. A storage capacity of 3,000 m2 is available to store the delivered plants. The incoming drying of the raw materials is mostly done with the 4 gas-heated drying chambers. During processing, the dried plants are chopped with a vertical cutting machine. In addition, sieving, grinding and screening machines, as well as a selector and halving machine, help with the work in the plant.