Olasz-kapu Nature Interpretational Trail

Olasz-kapu Nature Interpretational Trail
Olasz-kapu Nature Interpretational Trail

Bükk Plateau – Olasz-kapu Nature Trail

The Olasz-kapu Nature Trail (Olasz kapu – Fekete-sár Meadow – Tar-kő – Őserdő (Native forest) – Káposztáskert-lápa – Olasz-kapu) provides equally geological, geomorphologic, botanical, zoological and cultural historical information. Visitors can learn about the kahren surface of antropogenic mountain meadows (Fekete-sár Meadow, Zsidó Meadow), their abundant karst landforms (kahrenfelds, karst valleys and series of sinkhole dolines), the kahren surface of the pikes at the edge of the plateau and the rock grasslands with abundant living world (Tar-kő), the 24 hectares of mountain beech woods of the Native Forest (for which protection was declared in 1942), the longest valley with a series of sinkhole dolines in the western part of the Nagy (Great) Plateau (i.e. Káposztáskert Valley) and the cave with the highest elevation in Hungary, i.e. the Kőrös Cave classified as part of the oldest spring cave generation of the mountains.

Length: 10.38 km
Timespan: 4:00:00
Difficulty:  8
Surface quality: Other: 50% (5.19 km); Dirt: 18% (1.87 km); Rocky: 25% (2.6 km); Asphalt: 8% (830.72 m)
Total ascending: 517 m
Total descending: 518 m