Volcano Day at Ipolytarnóc



Volcano day in Ipolytarnóc on the 8th of June 2018 at 11 and 14 hours

Volcanoes in Eruption!


Role-playing game with spectacular experiments,

where you can be the member of a Volcano Observatory!

A volcanic eruption is imminent! - How could this happen?

What does volcano monitoring mean and how could a volcanic eruption be forecasted? The key is to follow the path of the magma!

From the source to the surface: we reconstruct the story of the magma!

Anybody can touch a piece of rock from the upper mantle: this is the start! Why do mantle rocks start to melt? Increase of temperature or drop of pressure? How can the magma move through the crust, what is the driving mechanism and how can this help us in the monitoring?

Triggering eruption: explosion or effusion?

The big question: could a volcanic eruption still occur in the Carpathian-Pannonian region? You will get the answers during the Volcano Day and ... finally

you will see a spectacular volcanic eruption on the spot!

The Bükk National Park Directorate,the Novohrad-Nógrád UNESCO Global Geopark, the Hungarian Society of Natural Sciences and the MTA-ELTE Volcanology Research Group invite you to take part in our Volcano Show!